• Walk in the Park: The Atlanta BeltLine

    Once upon a time, Atlanta was one of the least walkable cities in America where entire neighborhoods were developed without sidewalks and lots of sprawl and cul-de-sacs. Today, the city...
  • Walk Stars: Stewart Copeland

    When rock star Stewart Copeland wants to relax, he gathers his buddies and takes to the bike path in Santa Monica. But when it comes to upper body exercise, he...
  • City Walk: Sedentary Lifestyles

    The diseases of sedentary living are taking major tolls on the health and lifestyle of our country. Experts explore the idea of simply getting up and moving to improve our...
  • American Dreams: Healthy Eating

    There’s a direct link between a healthy diet and walking.  Both have benefits that extend well beyond immediate solutions and allow for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Ketchum-Downtown YMCA Stair Climb

    Elevators are for wimps! Just ask the thousands of downtown LA office workers who climb the stairs every year in a race 75 stories to the top of the US...
  • City Walk, MD: Exercise is Medicine

    What do exercise and medicine have in common? Bob Sallis, our resident City Walk, MD, sheds new light on ancient remedies and reveals why your next prescription might not involve...

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Watch the Walking Revolution documentary

A 30-minute documentary film that's guaranteed to get you walking, The Walking Revolution explores the tremendous changes a regular walking routine can make in your life and your community.


Meet Bob Sallis, MD, family physician and sports medicine expert, who encourages his patients to take charge of their health by exercising. Follow Dr. Sallis as he walks all over the world!

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Bike to School Day is May 6th. Are Your Kids Ready to Ride?

INDIANA – Put some air in the tires, grease up the chain, put on your helmet and bike with your kids to school. 36 Indiana schools registered to participate in National Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 6th for…

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Guest Opinion: Removing Barriers to Walking, Biking Benefits Everyone

Evidence is mounting that it makes sense to rethink our streets and remove barriers to walking and biking. Local jurisdictions should take note and we should support their efforts. On average, three out of 10 trips we make are less…

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Sustainable Cities Collective: We Must Make Places Walkable for the Most Vulnerable

If we want to make walkable communities inclusive of pedestrians of all ages and abilities then we must consider improvements big and small, absent of judgment and understanding of context.  The Guardian recently featured a story on the importance of…

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