• City Works: West Hollywood

    Mayor John D’Amico believes that “West Hollywood is one part actual place and one part state of mind. It has a long history of inventing the culture that other cities...
  • City Walk: Metro Gold Line

    The Gold Line is a light rail running from Pasadena to East Los Angeles via Downtown Los Angeles serving several attractions, including Little Tokyo, Union Station, the Southwest Museum, Chinatown,...
  • City Walk: Heart Health

    Each year in the United States 600,000 people die of heart disease. Keeping your heart healthy can be as simple as adding some movement into your daily routine. Research shows...
  • Walk Stars: Satellite Beach

    Actor Luke Wilson talks about his award winning short, “Satellite Beach.” Turning thousands of cheering throngs and a Space Shuttle into unwitting players, he follows the Endeavor on its 3-day...
  • CicLAvia

    CicLAvia is Los Angeles’ outdoor experiment in car-free urbanism. CicLAvia creates a temporary park for free, simply by removing cars from city streets, to make them safe for people to...
  • New York City Parks

    Urban Parks are increasingly playing a vital role in the social, economic and physical well-being of America’s cities and their residents.
  • Walkable Sidewalks

    How do you get more people walking? Build excellent Sidewalks. City Walk talks to Neha Bhatt of Smart Growth America and Sideya Sherman of the Municipal Arts Society of New...
  • Walk in the Park: Jane Jacobs

    Jane’s Walk is a movement of free, citizen-led walking tours inspired by Jane Jacobs. The walks get people to tell stories about their communities, explore their cities, and connect with...
  • Walks Of Life: Rails To Trails

    What once were thousands of miles of abandoned railroad tracks have now become thousands of miles of trails. We go for a walk on one of those trails in Washington,...

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Watch the Walking Revolution documentary

A 30-minute documentary film that's guaranteed to get you walking, The Walking Revolution explores the tremendous changes a regular walking routine can make in your life and your community.


Meet Bob Sallis, MD, family physician and sports medicine expert, who encourages his patients to take charge of their health by exercising. Follow Dr. Sallis as he walks all over the world!

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Get A First Look at This Year’s Walking Summit Agenda!

The Every Body Walk! Collaborative and America Walks are excited to host its 2nd National Walking Summit in Washington, D.C. on October 28-30, 2015. The Summit is the only national meeting that brings together the multiple supporters, allies, and disciplines working to increase walking and making our communities safer, attractive and accessible for walking. The…

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7 Workouts To Try When You’re Feeling Too Lazy To Move

Sometimes all we want is to stay in bed or on the couch when we know we should get up for a workout. When the urge to veg hits, the powerfully lazy mood seems as though it could take over your entire day. However, this lethargy doesn’t have to cancel out your ability to partake…

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The Best Brain Exercise May Be Physical

Work out for the brain, not the body. Exercise tones the legs, builds bigger biceps and strengthens the heart. But of all the body parts that benefit from a good workout, the brain may be the big winner. Physical fitness directly affects our mind and plays a crucial role in the way the brain develops…

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