• A Walk in the Park: Irvine, the City of Trails

    There are over 50 miles of off-street trails in the city of Irvine, making  for trails and parkways that lead to destinations throughout the city. As a city planned from...
  • Walks Of Life : The Great Saunter

    The Great Saunter is an annual 32-mile walk, completed in one day, which circumnavigates the Manhattan shoreline. For over 28 years, locals and visitors alike have gathered to complete this...
  • What Keeps You from Walking?

    This episode questions non-walkers on their excuses for sitting around, and has fun encouraging people to get up and move.

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Watch the Walking Revolution documentary

A 30-minute documentary film that's guaranteed to get you walking, The Walking Revolution explores the tremendous changes a regular walking routine can make in your life and your community.

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Transportation by the Numbers

Once again, the wonks over at fivethirtyeight have stumbled across a dull data set on public transportation ridership and turned it into an something more accessible to the average metro rider. Every year, cities of all sizes submit monthly ridership data to…

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Walking meetings could make work healthier, happier

Millions of Americans spend 8 hours a day sitting at their desks - and then go home and spend hours more sitting in front of the TV or computer. Recent studies show all that sitting could be putting them at risk for serious…

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Staying Fit Between Flights With No Time to Spare

I cleared Canadian customs after the flight from New York, stashed my passport in my backpack and strode down the wide, brightly lighted corridor of Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1. My fellow passengers on the 8:45 Air Canada flight…

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