Webinar Title: “The Transit-Walkability Collaborative – An Inter-Modal Strategy for Creating Strong Neighborhoods”

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 18th at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

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About the Webinar

In February, nine organizations announced the formation of the Transit-Walkability Collaborative (TWC) and signed on to a shared Statement of Purpose. Consisting of local, statewide, and national walkability and transit advocacy groups, the TWC exists to promote the benefits of walkable, transit-rich communities; to bring together transit and walkability advocates at the local, state, and national level; and to identify and implement programs and policies that simultaneously expand walkability and transit services in communities across the U.S.

This webinar will include presentations and discussion from several members of the TWC, the release of a Fact Sheet providing critical data to support walkability and transit advocacy, and the launch of a National Survey designed to collect information about existing local collaborations. It will start with an overview of the research evidence for the health, safety, and economic/equity benefits of walkable, transit-rich communities by Todd Litman, Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Kirsten Holland (Center for Transportation Excellence), Marnie Primmer (National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates) and Ian Thomas (America Walks) will present some of the fundamentals of public transit and walkability advocacy, respectively, and demonstrate why there is such a powerful synergy between these two modes of transportation. Finally, Jim Stone, Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, will discuss his recent study of Transit-Oriented Development that identified effective policy strategies for improving walkability and transit service.