This month our Coalition added a dozen new members and held events to highlight the safety and health needs of our community by advocating for dedicated funding for Safe Routes to School! Learn more about our past accomplishments and how you can be involved in our (healthier and safer) future by enjoying these November highlights from the campaign trail.

#1 “Your Voice Counts” Rally Save the Date and Pledge! Please mark your calendars for Thursday, January 28, 2016 to attend For Every Kid’s “Your Voice Counts” Rally where we will gather public comment for Safe Routes to School. The event will be from 3:30pm-6:30 p.m. at Benson High School. Our goal will be to collect over 5,000 comment cards supporting Safe Routes to School at this rally. Next week we will be sending out a request for For Every Kid Coalition members and supporters to pledge to bring 50 or more comment cards to the rally from people in your community supporting dedicated funding for Safe Routes to School. Make sure you get this invitation by joining the For Every Kid Coalition or signing the petition!

#2 “Tenants and Neighbors Unite for Safe Routes to School” event recap and media: This event was held in partnership with For Every Kid and the Community Alliance of Tenants and was highly praised by community members and local elected officials like Councilor Mario Palermo and Diego Hernandez. Community members shared their safety concerns in six different languages and highlighted the poor or total lack of lighting, poorly kept or total lack of sidewalks, obstacles on sidewalks that cause children to have to walk on the street, lack of speed limit signage, lack of bike lanes, and lack of accessible action plans to the public.

#3 Vote moved to April, public comment period scheduled for January and February: The Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) is the decision making body we are educating about Safe Routes to School and advocating to for dedicated funding. The funding that we are advocating for comes from Regional Flexible Funds and the vote about these funds is now scheduled for April 21, 2016. The Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee (TPAC) recommends policy options to JPACT. JPACT votes on the options in April, then Metro Council will vote to ratify or reject. The public comment period about how we would like JPACT to prioritize these funds is scheduled for January 15- February 15. The “Your Voice Counts” Rally will help For Every Kid show support for Safe Routes to School during this process.

#4 The City of West Linn became the fifth city to pass a resolution supporting dedicated funding for Safe Routes to School! Read more about it HERE.

#5 Youth Environmental Justice Alliance (YEJA) campaign kick off for youth access to transit: Students and school administrators spoke on the importance of equal access to school transportation and opportunities for student success at the “Youth Pass For All” campaign kick off in East Portland on November 14thFor Every Kid is looking forward to working with these amazing youth! Read more about the event.

#6 Join the movement! This month we welcome eight Oregon State Representatives (Jessica Vega-Pederson, Kathleen Taylor, Rob Nosse, Alissa Keny-Guyer, Jeff Reardon, Carla Piluso, Chris Gorsek, and Shemia Fagan), the City of West Linn, Beaverton Round Executive Suites, Beaverton Chamber of Commerce, Infrastructure Fan Club, Oak Hills PTO, Centennial School District, and the Youth Environmental Justice Alliance to For Every KidHere is a full list of our official coalition members/supporters.  We now have 73 members, which means we have exceeded our goal for November. Let’s take a moment to celebrate!! Thank you to Representative Jessica Vega-Pederson for penning the amazing letter that she and seven fellow representatives signed in support of For Every Kid! Your organization can help by joining the For Every Kid Coalition or you can sign the petition as an individual.

For Every Kid is a growing coalition of community, public health, and social justice organizations that are seeking to ensure safe routes to school for every kid. Coalition Leaders include American Heart Association, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Upstream Public Health, Oregon Walks, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Opal Environmental Justice, Community Alliance of Tenants, the Community Cycling Center and many more. Read more about the coalition at

Source: Bicycle Transportation Alliance
December 2, 2015