Walking is for everybody. This series of short films focuses on groups across America, of all ages and abilities, who are finding a new sense of community through walking. Looking for a walking group in your area? Visit our Meetup section.
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In its 10th year, FYF Festival is a two-day music festival taking place in Los Angeles Historic State Park. With an emphasis on public transportation, the festival is within a few blocks of the Gold Line’s China Town stop in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The festival brings in some of the music industry’s biggest names with approximately 30,000 festival-goers a day. City Walk is a unique series that reveals the way walking is transforming cities across America, and in the process, re-connecting us to our bodies, our civic values and public space. As the show explores the walkability of these communities, viewers will learn about American history by exploring culturally rich neighborhoods, stunning architecture, monuments and beautiful parks that have helped define the character of each city. For more info go to:
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Walk The Talk

Our trusted experts explore ways and offer tips to incorporate walking into your daily life.
Groups across America, of all ages and abilities, are finding a new sense of community by walking.
Just 30 minutes of walking, five times a week, is enough to improve your overall health.
Walking is also good for mind and soul, sparking your creativity and inspiration.