Walking and Colitis

There was once a time when running and walking for any length of time was not a daily option. I was typically bloated beyond misery, and therefore running and walking “jumbled” my stomach too much to partake in the activity.

Then, in 2009, with the help of a nutritionist and healthy lifestyle changes my life changed forever. I have a mild form of colitis and intolerance to several foods (see: “my story”. These problems no longer own me. I 110% own them!

On October 18, 2009, I completed my first half marathon. Since then, I have lead nothing less than a highly active life and healthy lifestyle. Several natural things help me manage the colitis and food intolerance. One thing that helps me is constantly standing, moving and of course, walking. I whole-heartedly recommend it for all people, especially those with digestive problems.

Here are 4 tips for walking as a form of colitis and digestive management:

1. Morning is Safe: The morning has been optimal for me. In the morning, your digestive system has not yet had the time for many disruptions to cause an uncomfortable walk. The morning is also great because it may help in getting your digestive system on the right track for the whole day.

2. Food: Before a workout or long walk, I am always cognizant of what I eat. If you don’t walk first thing in the morning, try to allow at least 45 minutes to one hour post-meal before heading out. Keep the pre-walk meal to basic and plain foods. I always steer clear of nuts, fibrous vegetables, anything spicy or anything that will weigh me down in general before a walk.

3. Move It: Move it each and every single day! Many things contribute to a digestive flare up, but one is a lack of movement. Moving allows the digestive system to continue moving, processing and filtering. My stomach always knows the days I’m not active.

4. Know Your Surroundings: Nothing is worse that being out for a walk when an upset stomach occurs. With colitis and digestive problems, it’s always a good idea to know your surroundings and where the nearest bathrooms are. Sometimes you might feel amazing one minute and miserable the next. Don’t let that fear keep you from getting out for your daily walks. This is one way to ensure “safety!”

Everyone has a reason for why they workout, move and stay fit. I have several reasons. But the truth is that there is no better reason than moving to stay strong, healthy and vibrant while ensuring that my stomach feels optimal daily.

I’d love to know your tips for walking as a form of colitis management, and furthermore your reasons for why you workout, move and stay fit?

About Sarah

Sarah Kay Hoffman describes herself as “just a digitally addicted country girl with a (gluten-free) foodie-fitness flare.” Learn more about her journey to living a healthy life at sarahkayhoffman.com.

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