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Heart Matters - To Sit or Not to Sit?
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February is American Heart Month. Please take a few minutes to visit the Yale Heart Study site and complete the heart attack survivors survey, or forward it to someone you know who has survived a heart attack.

Megan Parmenter, Yale Heart Study Research Associate and Angelo A. Alonzo, Ph.D., contributed to reporting this blog.

Disclosure: Suzanne O'Malley is a Senior Research Associate for the non-profit NIH-funded Yale Heart Study, a Faculty member of the Yale Writers' Conference & Associate/Director of Yale Summer Film Institute.

Source: The Huffington Post
February 2, 2012
By Suzanne O'Malley

Walk The Talk

Our trusted experts explore ways and offer tips to incorporate walking into your daily life.
Groups across America, of all ages and abilities, are finding a new sense of community by walking.
Just 30 minutes of walking, five times a week, is enough to improve your overall health.
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