Vision Zero, the idea that even one pedestrian fatality is too many, is growing! From New York to Seattle, cities across the US are adopting policies and plans committing to finding ways to eliminate traffic fatalties and serious injuries. We are excited to announce that the National Walking Summit is joining this call by offering panels and workshops that will help you add your voice to the growing cry that even one death is too many.

The 2nd National Walking Summit will take place in Washington, DC from October 28-30, 2015, you can register here.

We are working with Leah Shahum, Director of Vision Zero Nework, to bring you the latest information and best practices of Vision Zero. At the 2nd National Walking Summit, participants of the Vision Zero workshops will:

  • Learn about the basic principles of Vision Zero and examples of how it is growing in the US
  • Discover ways to promote Vision Zero in your community using hard facts and compelling stories
  • Brainstorm creative partnerships that are necessary in getting Vision Zero policies implemented
  • Master advocacy techniques geared towards making Vision Zero a reality in your city

July 17, 20015