Walk2Connect is a Colorado based social enterprise dedicated to taking individuals and groups on single and multi-day walking trips, instilling on-foot personal / communal connection and supporting improved walkability throughout our neighborhoods. We build custom routes and personal work plans, share communal meals, explore seldom seen roads, get to know our communities and make new friends–all while inviting a bit of spontaneity along the way. Walking is one of the easiest things we can do to boost how we feel about others, ourselves and the world around us.

Individual or Group? Think of us as your walking coach, nontraditional therapist or personal agent for change, healing and connection. Whether you are on your own or you’re a part of a community-it’s about you. We go through a series of assessments to inform custom route building and work plans.

Neighborhood? We want your community to do more window shopping, neighbor talking and body moving. We can work to create fun walking opportunities, neighborhood specific walking maps, wayfaring signs and (with partners) in-depth walkability & neighborhood safety audits.

For more information go to: http://www.walk2connect.com.