In mid-February 2017, my travels took me to South America and the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. I was there to participate in a series of meetings at the famed Hospital de Clínicas, which is the major public hospital and teaching medical center in the city. My visit was organized by my longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Jorge Franchella. Jorge is a sports medicine physician and chair of Exercise is Medicine in Argentina. He has been a great advocate for promoting physical activity in the region and encouraging doctors to assess and prescribe exercise in their daily practice.

With Drs Jorge Franchella and Patricia Sangenis

The meeting was attended by a multi-disciplinary group of health professionals, including physicians, physical therapists, nurses, fitness professionals and public health practitioners from all across Argentina and the region. All of these folks are committed to addressing the global public health problem of physical inactivity. We also had others from around the region join the meeting via a conference call. So it was exciting for me to speak to such a diverse international audience about the need to connect fitness with healthcare around the world. As usual, I was amazed by how passionate this group was with regards to promoting physical activity and how we are all seeing the same issues around the world with regards to chronic disease and other issues related to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. And of course we all agree on the solution to the inactivity problem, which is getting patients to commit to doing 150 minutes or more of moderate intensity physical activity — like walking!

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Of course, while I was in Buenos Aires I made sure to get out and do some walking every day. I found it to be a very safe and walkable city and I averaged close to 15,000 steps a day during my visit. I stayed in the beautiful Recoleta region of the city and particularly enjoyed walking in the many amazing parks in that area. Even more interesting was a long walk I took thru the La Recoleta Cemetery, where the rich and powerful people of Buenos Aires were once buried. It’s a beautiful place to walk and view some 6400 ornate mausoleums, such as the one that holds the former actress turned first lady Eva Perón (also known as Evita). I also ventured beyond the Recoleta area to the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, which is home to the famous Boca Juniors soccer club (the arch Rival of River Plate), along with some great restaurants and tango dancing.

Walking by Cosada Rosada the Presidential Palace

Thanks as always for reading my blog! I hope that you are well and doing the walking you need to stay healthy every day.

Keep walking my friends!