We’re probably all familiar with the sluggish feeling that comes from sitting still, sometimes for hours at a time. It might happen after sitting at a table in a conference room or at your desk on a conference call. The average employee spends 5 1/2 hours a week in meetings.* But with just an ounce of prevention, you can help your workforce avoid the post-meeting slump.

By making just a few small changes at meetings, you’ll be supporting the overall health and productivity of your employees while helping reduce their risk of obesity and chronic disease. And most importantly, you’ll take a big step down the road to developing a long-lasting culture of health at your workplace.

As an employer, you’re the first line of health promotion at your workplace. Use this ready-to-send e-mail to introduce your meeting planners to our healthy meetings toolkit:

Tools for meeting planners

Integrating simple, healthy habits into your meetings is a tangible and enjoyable way to boost energy levels and help employees stay focused throughout the day. It can be low-cost, flexible enough for small events, and easy to do. Even just including a quick stretch break at your daily team meeting is a healthy start.

Use these tools to provide your employees with the fuel they need to stay focused, energized, and productive: