Mark those calendars! America Walks is excited to announce the first six webinars of its monthly series. Held every second Wednesday of the month at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, these webinars look to expand knowledge, highlight success stories, and share new tools and resources.

Creating Safe Spaces for All Community Members (January 10)- Register Here

Creating safe places to walk and be physically active means more than just slower speeds and well-lit sidewalks. Expand your definition of a safe place to walk by hearing from partners working alongside the walking movement. This webinar will feature experts in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), street harassment, and safety concerns for people with disabilities. This webinar assumes a basic level of knowledge on issues related to walking and walkability.

Attendees of this webinar will:  

  • Learn about techniques and concepts related to CPTED 
  • Discuss ways to address and prevent street harassment  
  • Explore how technology is helping address safety considerations for people with disabilities

Walking Together: The What, Why, and How of Walking Organizations (February 14)- Register Here

One of our biggest requests is how to get a walking program or organization started in a community. Learn how to get started and then hear tips from successful programs on lessons learned from their own experiences. This webinar is for those just starting out on the walking path as well as our more experienced advocates.

Pushing Boundaries: What Makes a Walkable Community (March 14)- Register Here

Times are changing, and walking advocacy needs to be an active part of helping to shape the future of communities. Learn about programs, policies, and places that are using creativity and innovation to put people first in community design and planning.

Making the Case for Transit (April 11)- Register Here

Every trip is a walking trip, whether you are on foot the entire way or just to the nearest bus stop. Transit can be a critical partner and advocate in the fight for walkable communities. Learn from successful programs and campaigns on how to make the case for people-first walking and transit solutions

From 8 to 80: Livable Communities for All Ages (May 9)- Register Here

Walkable communities are only truly walkable when they are able to be enjoyed and accessed by members of all ages. Learn how communities of all shapes and sizes are making sure they are livable for people of all ages.

A Good Investment: The Benefits of a Walkable Community (June 13)- Register Here

You can’t put a price on a good walk, but you can calculate the benefits of walkability. Learn about the economic and financial power of walkable communities and how to use the information to make your case for safe, accessible, and enjoyable places to walk and be physically active.