Description of organization:

ACE is a leading non-profit organization that provides education and certification for exercise and other health professionals. ACE’s mission is to get people moving and, together, with our team of 60,000 certified professionals, ACE works to achieve long-term, healthy change in communities worldwide.


Website/Twitter handle, etc.:


Twitter: @acefitness; @aceadvocacy

Instagram: @acefitness


ACE Advocacy Monthly Newsletter: Exercise Your Voice


What is your vision of a “walkable” future?

ACE envisions…

  • Livable communities that are more sustainable, healthier and ultimately more efficient. We believe it is important for policymakers to recognize that pedestrian projects are a critical piece of transportation legislation at all levels.
  • Greater inclusiveness when preparing for projects and programs in a way that is sensitive to people’s health status, culture and circumstances, including an emphasis on creating safe, accessible and inviting opportunities for walking and wheelchair rolling.
  • Walking programs provided through leadership from the local community in conjunction with a local effort to develop safe routes to schools and safe public places for activity. These initiatives can boost a community’s level of physical activity with a relatively small financial investment and would be particularly beneficial in low income communities where there are often huge disparities in health.
  • Businesses, large and small, that embrace the idea of active worksite wellness programs. Encouraging walking at the worksite, including walking meetings and employee walking programs, is an inexpensive and highly effective strategy for creating healthier, happier and more productive employees.


Using only five words, how would you describe your organization?

Caring, Mission-driven, Committed, Impactful


Name one project that you’ve been working on (or accomplished) in 2015?

ACE strongly supports Step It Up! The Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking and Walkable Communities as part of our mission and commitment to fighting the dual epidemics of obesity and inactivity, and creating a culture of health that values and supports physically active lifestyles.

We have published two toolkits for the public as a demonstration of that commitment. “Walk This Way! A Guide for Developing Community and Individual Walking Programs” is designed to help each American “Step It Up!” and increase their physical activity through walking.  “Walk the Talk! A Fitness Professional’s Guide to Developing Walking Programs” is designed to help fitness professionals “Step It Up!” and lead safe and effective walking programs, and become advocates for more walkable communities.


Every month, EBW will have monthly themes to support the Call to Action. What theme are you choosing and why does it resonate so closely with your organization?

ACE’s mission is to get people moving and we believe walking the stairs is a great way to start and sustain a physically active lifestyle throughout the day.


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