The American Veterinary Medical Association, established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 86,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia and the uniformed services. We are structured to work for our members, acting as a collective voice for the veterinarians we serve and for the profession.

Our vision is to be the trusted leader in protecting, promoting and advancing a strong, unified veterinary profession that meets the needs of society. Our mission focuses on leading the profession by advocating for our members and advancing the science and practice of veterinary medicine to improve animal and human health.

Our members use their skills to care for the health and well-being of humans, animals and the environment. In addition to caring for the nation’s animals both domestic and wild, our members serve in medical research, protect public health, ensure food safety and contribute greatly to scientific breakthroughs throughout the world.

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