INDIANA – Put some air in the tires, grease up the chain, put on your helmet and bike with your kids to school.

36 Indiana schools registered to participate in National Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 6th for National Bike to School Day.

The number of kids walking or bicycling to school has dropped from roughly 50% in 1969 to just 13% in 2009. Health leaders and community partners around the state are working to change that.

So far, 36 Indiana school communities have registered their May 6 events on the national website, They include schools in Carmel, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Frankfort, Lafayette, Logansport, Lowell, Noblesville, Westfield and Zionsville.

Despite evidence that walking and biking provides physical benefits, as well as reduces neighborhood traffic congestion, household costs and auto emissions, the vast majority of students arrive at school in a vehicle.

“Walking to school used to be common, but today the number of students walking or biking to school is at an all-time low,” said Kim Irwin, who coordinates Health by Design and the Indiana Safe Routes to School Partnership. “We know safety is critically important and have suggestions for ensuring the safest routes possible.”

Tips on how to organize a Walk to School Day event at a school or in a neighborhood are available at

The Indiana Safe Routes to School Partnership works to increase the number of children safely walking and biking to school throughout the state by sharing information, resources, technical assistance and ideas. It is a collaborative effort spearheaded by Health by Design and comprised of government, community, health and education organizations. For more information, visit

Source: Fox28
April 28, 2015
By Steve Duval, Morning Anchor. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.