The California Coastal Trail Association (CCTA) originated as Coastwalk, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, founded in 1983 by grassroots supporters of coastal public access, coastal preservation and a statewide California Coastal Trail (CCT). As public and institutional support for the coast and a coastal trail grew, the organization expanded its reach and effect by nurturing a broad alliance of coastal stakeholders and renamed itself as the California Coastal Trail Association.

This alliance seeks to truly realize the vision of “A well-stewarded California coast, highly prized as an irreplaceable commons, open to all,” by implementing the California Coastal Trail (CCT), a trail that will stretch along our coast from Oregon to Mexico. Originally envisaged by framers of the Coastal Initiative and Coastal Act in the 1970s, the California Coastal Trail is mandated and governed by various State laws. By building a strong alliance of the public, state and local government, coastal nonprofits and supporters from business, the CCTA seeks to ensure that the California Coastal Trail realizes is potential as a conduit to the coast and a beloved public space where all people can revel in the beauty of coastal California.

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