Here are 10 easy walking tips from some of the most compelling neighborhoods garnered from City Walk.

City Walk is a unique six-part series that reveals the way walking is transforming cities across America.

In the process, City Walk is reconnecting us to our bodies, our civic values and public space.

Season one of City Walk features 30-minute episodes exploring various aspects of pedestrian life in cities including Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; Boston; Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; and New York. In each episode, viewers learn about American history by exploring culturally rich neighborhoods, stunning architecture, monuments and beautiful parks that have helped define the character of each city.

Walk with your dog: Pasadena, Calif.

Take some time to take your dog for a walk.

Walking helps you bond with your pet and helps keep him active. Dogs need mental stimulation every day, so all the new sights and smells will keep him happy and healthy. And it’ll do you good, too. Why not check out a charity walk with fellow animal-lovers, such as Pasadena’s Wiggle Waggle Walk?

Bring walking shoes: Los Angeles

Keep shoes in the trunk of your car or in your bag so you can walk any time it strikes your fancy. Driving past a beautiful park? Whip out your sneakers and take a walk.

Walk to school: Atlanta

Did you know many communities organize Walking School Buses? Instead of picking up kids on a bus, everyone walks together and picks up kids on the way. It’s a great way to meet your kid’s friends and their parents.

Walk in a mall: Hillcrest Heights, Md.

Is the weather too cold or too rainy? Why not try walking in a mall? The floors are even and safe, so no worries for people with canes or walkers.

Walk to public transit: San Francisco

Every trip on public transit begins and ends with a walk. For a bonus, try getting off a stop early and walking the rest of the way. Great public transit systems like San Francisco’s BART make it easy to get around car-free.

Take a walk in the park: New York City

Check out some of the new, innovative parks popping up around the nation, such as the High Line in Manhattan, a reconstructed elevated rail line, or the Atlanta BeltLine, a former railway circuit. Walking through these parks allows you to see the latest in urban planning and development while getting some exercise and fresh air.

Give yourself a reward: Portland, Ore.

Having trouble finding motivation to get up and get walking? Why not give yourself a reward or destination at the end of your walk? Try walking to a favorite bookstore or coffee shop. It’ll give you a treat at the end of your walk to keep you motivated.

Take a walking meeting: Washington, D.C.

Don’t just walk to meetings, try a walking meeting where you and your colleagues walk and talk. It’ll keep everyone alert and fit in exercise during a busy workday.

Make friends: Santa Monica, Calif.

Walking in your neighborhood helps you meet people in your community and feel more connected. Once you’ve met your neighbors, why not go for walks with them, too?

Mental block? Take a walk: Washington, D.C.

Stuck on a project? Got writer’s block? Walking allows you to clear your head and see things in a different light. Did you know that President Bartlett on “The West Wing” always took a walk when he needed to solve a difficult problem?

Big thanks to Every Body Walk, the campaign to get America walking, for starting this project. Tune into KCET for clips or full episodes of City Walk.

Source: MSN Living
July 13, 2013
By Charyn Pfeuffer