The Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire, for example, wants to map the Level of Traffic Stress that bicyclists experience on the state’s roads in order to help planners and advocates identify a few key investments that would make a big difference in encouraging more people to ride more. They want to find the places where potential riders would say, “No way!” and make those places less dangerous.

This project will cost nearly $6,000 — a steal for an endeavor with the potential to make a lasting impact on local riding conditions, but still a heavy lift for a small organization.

But BWA-NH has hooked in to a new way of raising money for key projects. The League of American Bicyclists is working with the crowdfunding site ioby to help launch important projects like this one around the country. So far, BWA-NH has raised $1,499 from 20 donors for the mapping project.

Many organizations applied to be part of the League’s ioby page and just seven made the cut. They are raising funds for a bike co-op campaign, secure bike parking spaces, a “Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Kit,” and more.

ioby will be at the National Bike Summit next week to share valuable tips on how to use crowdfunding technology to support local and state advocacy projects. Over its six years, ioby has supported similar projects ranging from major bike infrastructure improvements to diversity-focused grassroots biking campaigns.

Source: Alliance for Biking & Walking
March 3, 2015
By Tanya Snyder