Every Body Walk! Collaborative partners are interested in looking at how transportation related emerging technologies will impact pedestrian infrastructure and the ability to support opportunities to walk and be physically active. The following principles are guiding our review as to how we respond and engage on topics related to this issue and ground our work in the fact that walking is the original form of transportation. We encourage others to consider these principles in their own work.

  • We prioritize walking, in all forms, including when using assisted devices to walk, as a means of transportation.
  • People need to be prioritized first and at the center of all transportation planning including the implementation of emerging technologies.
  • People who walk are the most vulnerable users of transportation corridors; therefore, their safety should take priority.
  • Streets are public spaces that should accommodate all users and not give preference to automobiles.
  • Sidewalks are mobility corridors and should be built and maintained as such.
  • Public transit systems are essential elements of walkable communities.
  • Emerging technology should not detract from walkability and transit options.
  • Emerging technology should not distract from existing concerns of traffic safety, accessibility, and connectivity.
  • Technology should further the goals of increasing inclusion and promoting equity.
  • There is no one size fits all solution to the needs of communities across the US.

To learn more about these Emerging Technology Principles or to discuss ways to incorporate them into your own work, please contact Heidi Simon.