At the 2015 National Walking Summit, several of our keynote speakers and presenters put forth the call to action that the walking movement use walkability to undo decades of injustice perpetrated across the U.S. from policies, programs and attitudes that fuel social and economic divisions along lines of class, race, income and other differences. The Every Body Walk! Collaborative heeded this call and came together to develop the Social Justice Toolkit.

The Social Justice Toolkit aims to provide organizations and individuals working within the walking movement resources and guides to help them achieve objectives related to fostering equity, fairness and justice within communities. In the toolkit you will find:

We are excited to share this with our network and look forward to seeing it put to use. We hope you will share with us thoughts on ways to expand and improve it as you visit the toolkit and take time to reflect on how it might be used in your efforts to promote walking and walkable communities.