Dr. Bob Sallis: Simple Steps to Health

A doc who talks the talk and walks the walk.


Dr. Bob Sallis is working to fix one of the biggest health problems of our time: physical inactivity. He’s the physician spokesperson for Every Body Walk!, a movement that collaborated with America Walks last October to bring the 2nd National Walking Summit to Washington D.C. The summit provided workshops, keynote speakers, and one more reason to get outside and start walking. Sallis is working to establish a prescription for physical activity during doctor visits and wants doctors to begin assessing activity levels the same way weight or BMI is assessed. The first step is to get you moving.

Dr. Sallis notes, “I have certainly observed in my own practice that Exercise is Medicine that can help my patients live longer, healthier, better lives. For that reason, I ask every patient I see about their physical activity habits and prescribe walking as my first line prescription to help treat and prevent virtually every chronic disease. My efforts to get patients more active have been supported by Kaiser Permanente’s pioneering use of an Exercise Vital Sign, to insure that every patient, at every visit, is asked how many minutes they are walking each week. And our Kaiser leadership further inspired the Every Body Walk Campaign, designed to get all Americans walking.”

Source: Rodale, Inc.
January 22, 2016