FloWalking is the creation of walking advocate, teacher, podiatrist and researcher, Dr. Michael Nirenberg. Dr. Nirenberg is also the American Volkssport Association’s Walking blogger and one of a handful of forensic podiatrists in the world.

The goal of Dr. Nirenberg’s FloWalking website is to inspire people to walk more—ideally, every day! FloWalking.com does this by providing the public with valuable resources, including:

1. Walking Databases: These databases include Walking Routes, Walking Events and the largest and most comprehensive searchable database of Walking Clubs throughout the United States.

2. Free classes and seminars on Dr. Nirenberg’s FloWalking method of walking, which rapidly teaches people how to walk with good form and posture. By improving how people walk often results in less (or complete relief) of muscle and joint pain, produces greater energy while walking and helps boost weight loss. The FloWalking method also has helped people walk regularly who had previously believed they were too arthritic or out of shape. The method has also benefited people who required a cane or walker to ambulate.

3. The website also reviews the latest scientific research on walking and distills the findings into lively, simple to understand articles that people can immediately use to improve their walking.

4. Lastly, FloWalking.com offers a resource library of free downloads, including booklets to analyze your health and walking logs to track your progress (and help motivate you).


For more information go to: www.FloWalking.com/.