Join Us for a Free Webinar
Wednesday, March 21st
1pm ET / 10 am PT

Walkability is at the cornerstone of creating neighborhoods that are vital and vibrant, allowing all members of a community to enjoy health, social and economic benefits in a variety of forms. In this webinar we will aim to look at how to protect and promote the identity and culture of a community, while making room for new development and change. We will feature an example of a community lead equitable development plan, will provide a toolkit of approaches used to prevent displacement and make sure that evolving communities remain affordable and diverse, and hear how affordable housing developers have re-oriented their efforts to build whole communities, by supporting small businesses, protecting the culture of a place, and re-asserting the primacy of resident engagement and the importance of listening.

Join America Walks on March 21st at 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific as we share some of our recent work on the issues of gentrification and displacement and hear from three people working with and in communities around the US who are tackling this challenge. Attendees will:
– Hear about our research into some of the resources, techniques, and current best practices available for advocates working in this area
– Learn about a toolkit that provides strategies for communities that have been or may be affected by gentrification
– Explore community projects that are working with these issues on a daily basis.

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