Since 1992, GlobalFit has been changing lives through physical activity. We work with companies to offer innovative, engaging wellness programs that deliver personal, cultural and financial results. With GlobalFit, employees live healthier lives; and employers gain the benefits of a healthier workforce: lower healthcare costs, improved morale and increased productivity.

Destination You: This physical activity program overcomes many of the hurdles to engagement and sustainability by leveraging an activity nearly everyone can do – walking! With initial enrollment averaging >50% and ongoing engagement at 75%, Destination: You is a fun, easy way to get (and keep) your employees active.

GetActive lives up to its name – it gets your employees active! This offering includes access to the GlobalFit Gym Network, GlobalFit Store, as well free unlimited access to Exercise On Demand (EOD). With EOD, all employees can watch 100s of streaming, trainer-led exercise videos and find tools to choose, schedule and track their program.

GymNetwork: 10,000+ North American gyms, all with our Lowest-Price Guarantee.

The GlobalFit Store – Exclusive discounts on Zumba®, Total Gym®, bodybugg®, Nutrisystem®, Dr. Will Clower’s Mediterranean Wellness, and more.

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