Under the leadership of best-selling author, renowned television producer and tireless philanthropic advocate Tonya Lewis Lee, the world can now access a collective of healthy lifestyle advice and information never before available at a single website. Created by women for women, Lee’s enterprising new digital health and wellness platform, Healthy You Now, is challenging the notion of one’s well-being reflecting their level of education, physical location or socioeconomic class. An online destination packed with cutting edge health news and community forums, the site is designed to empower women globally as they navigate through the at times rocky terrain of personal and societal health issues.

The online publication is a fresh and insightful new platform for women of all walks of life to learn, share and grow in health. Healthy You Now is a catalyst for women to become more informed on the most important health issues. The site features new medical developments, tips on how to access care for individuals and families, expert advice and a social community aspect that fuels user interaction, all while giving consideration for adversities and successes throughout their respective journeys.

“As I travel around the country, I meet so many women—experts in their field, celebrities and everyday heroes—who share their experiences with me about how they’ve turned their lives around and became healthier,” explained Lee. “It’s because of these women, their stories and their willingness to share, that others can achieve the same.”

She added, “It’s with great enthusiasm that we give these women a platform. These are stories that not only inform; they inspire us as well.”

Packed with a bevy of health-related and social service sources, Healthy You Now encompasses the collective voice of health experts, celebrities, athletes and the everyday woman, providing refuge for information seekers. Progressive in approach and expansive in reach, Healthy You Now caters to a wide set of individuals, from household matriarchs and health-savvy professionals, to those who suffer from chronic conditions and are looking for the support of an informed online community.

Creating Healthy You Now is a natural extension for Lee, who, after embarking upon her own personal health journey, has become a social and political activist for most of her adult life. She served as the lead campaign spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services’ national infant mortality campaign, “A Healthy Baby Begins With You,” has gone on to produce additional Public Service Announcements and documentaries and regularly performs speaking engagements around the country.

For more information go to: https://www.healthyyounow.com.