Employees who don’t get enough exercise may be endangering both their own health and your bottom line. That’s because inactivity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. These chronic conditions lower productivity, raise your costs, and in the case of obesity, increase the likelihood of workplace injuries as much as 49 percent.

In contrast, regular exercise benefits your workforce and your business:

  • Better employees—employees are happier, less stressed, and sharper mentally
  • Fewer sick days—employees who exercise five or more days a week reduce their sick days by 43%
  • Higher productivity—employees say they’re 15% more productive on days they exercise compared to days they don’t

These rewards beg the question: How can you afford not to encourage employee exercise? Kaiser Permanente now offers the tools and resources to promote a more active lifestyle for your workplace with this downloadable WorkPlace Walking Toolkit to get you started. Feel free to also download their Promotional Walking Materials to help share the benefits of walking with your employees and coworkers.