The Every Body Walk! Collaborative is a partnership of national, state and local organizations, federal agencies, businesses, and professional associations that are committed to developing and implementing collective approaches that can return walking to a valued, cultural norm for all Americans. The EBW! Collaborative is striving to create environments where more people walking in more walkable places.

To accomplish this, EBW! Collaborative partners are working to make walking and walkable places more visible and more desirable to all Americans. We are working together to bring about the behavioral and cultural changes needed to make walking the new normal. Collectively, they are promoting local walking programs, showcasing successful walking champions and pushing for actions that will result in increasing the number of safe, walking environments.

Our work focuses on two legs aimed to build a national walking movement – increase walking and improve walkability. Our 2020 vision is:

  1. All Americans will walk enough to get a health benefit.
  2. All Americans citizens demand walkable environments.
  3. All 50 States have effective and visible champions and organizations that promote walking and advocate for walkable environments, comprising a powerful national network.
  4. Every town, city and community type in the nation offers environments where walking is safe, easy and routine.