Move It Monday is an international campaign which encourages people of all fitness levels to get moving each week starting on Mondays. We offer fitness routines, tips, and inspiration to help individuals, worksites, schools, and communities incorporate exercise into their weekly routines. For more information visit

  1. What is your vision of a “walkable” future?

We wish to promote walking as a viable and effective way to get moving. Our goal is to encourage brisk walking in schools, communities and workplaces as way to get physically active. We believe the key to success is starting with simple exercises, like walking, to lay a foundation that can gradually be built upon. It’s our hope that the public realizes the potential there is in walking, and that it’s indeed an effective way to exercise

  1. Using only five words, how would you describe your organization?

A public health initiative that dedicates Monday to encourage physical activity. (sorry, that’s more than five!)

  1. Name one project that you’ve been working on (or accomplished) in 2015?

In 2015, we produced a 12-week video yoga series to give those interested an easy way to learn the basics of a great form of exercise.

Every Monday our yoga teacher demonstrated a pose so that by week 12 participants had a full routine. In the last episode our instructor took us through all poses to give viewers a complete routine to practice.

  1. Every month, EBW will have monthly themes to support the Call to Action. What theme are you choosing and why does it resonate so closely with your organization?

We’ve chosen to encourage mall walking in support of the Surgeon General’s Call to Action. It aligns extremely well with our Monday Mile program, a fun way to kick off the week by walking or running a mile with co-workers, friends or loved ones. By combining the Monday Mile and mall walking, we’re giving people a simple way to add exercise to their lives, which is at the core of our mission.

Mall walking is a great option because it promotes physical activity in a safe environment that protects from traffic, crime and the weather. Furthermore, it fits right into our goal of making exercise a fun and social activity that can bring people together.