National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of public parks, recreation and conservation. NRPA’s work draws national focus to the far-reaching impact of successes generated at the local level. Leveraging their role in conservation, health and wellness, and social equity to improve their communities NRPA’s members of park and recreation professionals and citizen advocates are 50,000 strong and represent public spaces in urban communities, rural settings and everything in between.

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Q & A:

  1. What is your vision of a “walkable” future?

We envision that every community and individual will have safe places to walk and that parks, trails and greenways will be an integral part of every walkable community.

  1. Using only five words, how would you describe your organization?

Parks and recreation transforms lives.

  1. Name one project that you are most proud to accomplish in 2015?

In September 2015, NRPA released an animated video to promote walking at your local park. In March this video won the Publisher’s Choice and Best Video in the Association Trends All Media Contest. In addition, we had the opportunity to present on our Safe Routes to Parks initiative at the American Planning Association and Safe Routes to School National Conferences.

  1. Every month, EBW will have monthly themes to support the Call to Action. What theme are you choosing and why does it resonate so closely with your organization?

July’s theme, the “Power of Nature,” is a perfect fit as community parks are one of the best places to walk outdoors and connect nature. As the voice for local parks, NRPA is excited to support the Call to Action by encouraging everyone to visit their local park and connect with nature and increasing access to nature and the outdoors.