“The Walking Revolution” airs this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on 11Alive.

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other has significant health benefits that are explored in “The Walking Revolution,” a new documentary film by Every Body Walk! airing this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on 11Alive (WXIA-TV). Powered by Kaiser Permanente, Every Body Walk! is a campaign aimed at getting Americans up and moving.

Kaiser Permanente operates a medical office out in Douglasville at 6875 Douglas Blvd., 678-838-2225.

“Our bodies are designed to move,” said Rob Schreiner, MD, executive medical director of Kaiser Permanente of Georgia. “Unfortunately, many of us spend too much time sitting—in cars, at desks and on sofas. A sedentary lifestyle leads to chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. ‘The Walking Revolution’ takes a hard look at the issue of inactivity in our society and shows the steps individuals, organizations and communities are taking to reverse this trend. It’s a film that will educate and inspire you.”

A walking regimen of 30 minutes a day, at least five times a week improves our health. In a half hour, “The Walking Revolution” details those health benefits, what makes communities walkable, and how walking and walkability support a healthier environment, strong local economies and a vibrant community life.

“The Walking Revolution” also motivates viewers to move through inspiring, personal stories. From the registered nurse who lost 70 pounds by incorporating a simple walking routine into his lifestyle, to the “Iverson Mall Walkers” who have kept up a routine of walking one hour a day, three times a week since 1989; these individual stories are examples of how a simple walking routine can dramatically improve health and wellness.

“The Walking Revolution” is also available online at Every Body Walk! You can watch the trailer on YouTube.

Source: Douglasville Patch
December 4, 2013
By John Barker