You’ve read the research about downtown development. More and more Americans want to live in walkable, downtown neighborhoods, and companies want to locate in these places too. These neighborhoods generate strong tax revenues and have lower municipal costs per capita. And they are the often the heart of a town or region’s economic activity.

But one big question remains in your mind. How could my town do it?

(Re)Building Downtown: A Guidebook for Revitalization is a new guide coming out from Smart Growth America on December 14, 2015, and it’s a resource designed to be used by any community, no matter their size, to bring people and businesses back to downtown.

As part of the release, there will be a kickoff webinar all about the new guide. Join Smart Growth America on December 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM EST to discuss the strategies outlined in this new guide, hear about cities that are in the midst of revitalization, and to ask questions about your own revitalization work:

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Reinvesting in downtown can expand economic opportunity within your community, create a culture of engagement, and make your city stand out within your larger region. It is also an opportunity to help make your community more equitable, stronger economically, and more sustainable environmentally.

The forthcoming guide is designed to be used by any community, no matter where you are in the revitalization process, to create a vibrant, walkable downtown neighborhood. The guide will lay out in straightforward language seven main steps to take, with specific tasks and ideas to consider along the way.

Register to join Smart Growth America for launch on December 14.