ParkRx (Park Prescriptions) are programs designed in collaboration among public land agencies, healthcare providers, and community partners to encourage people to utilize parks, trails, and open space for the purpose of improving individual and community health.
ParkRx programs happen throughout the country and are designed to:
  • Encourage overall behavior change
  • Improve individual and community health
  • Foster the growth of new stewards and advocates for public lands
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Q & A:

  1. What is your vision of a “walkable” future?

We believe that ideal or enhanced physical and emotional health can be achieved by spending time in nature. Our vision of a “walkable” future is for more people to utilize public lands and green spaces to walk their way to better health.

  1. Using only five words, how would you describe your organization?

Utilizing parks to enhance health

  1. Name one project that you’ve been working on (or accomplished) in 2015?

We organized and held the first National ParkRx Day in accordance with the National Park Services’ National Park Week (April 2016). ParkRx Day events were held in over 40 locations across the country.

  1. Every month, EBW will have monthly themes to support the Call to Action. What theme are you choosing and why does it resonate so closely with your organization?

June: Walk with Family and Friends

We believe that this theme, and the overall mission of Every Body Walk! aligns directly with the ParkRx initiative to encourage outdoor physical activity. As we enter summer, it will be great to promote health through doing something so simple as walking in a local park with family and/or friends.