Perła Wellness is a place where medicine meets sports. We offer an exclusive in Poland match of the two crucial fields of knowledge that both when working together hand-in-hand can cure even the most serious illnesses.
Our team of professionals consists of the fitness trainers who have been widely prepared, coached and monitored to conduct high class trainings tailored to our clients exclusive medical needs.
We co-operate closely with medical professionals: physicians, physical therapists, dietitians, and academic workers who provide us with their knowledge necessary to help our trainees get better through trainings and not only through medicine. We educate ourselves constantly in different areas of knowledge connected with medicine and sports and we aim at becoming the voice of sports medicine in Poland.
We create our own pioneer programs of training designed for different social groups, for example, the elderly. For those we created an exclusive professional program patented and called „Surprised by Age”.

Our goals are, and for the last few years have been:
– to satisfy the exclusive health needs of people who train with us and be able to help them get better through training and not only through medicine
– to provide innovation in the field of sports medicine
– to remain high class specialists, up-to-date with the latest news in the field of sports medicine: the area of knowledge that we are pioneers in Poland nowadays
– to create and run professional health programs directed to different social groups, such as the elderly, the children, the menopause women, cancer patients, and other
– to promote the idea of sports medicine among physicians, local and national government representatives, fitness trainers, and among society in general through co-operation with academic institutions, businesses and media
– to co-operate with physicians, local and national government representatives, fitness trainers to make medical fitness recognizable and available to the majority of people in Poland.

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