Whatever your North Star is, whatever your mission, we have one common strategy—Placemaking. The movement already exists. It’s happening. It’s everywhere. We’re all in this already and the real question is how do we shine a light on it, celebrate it, hold up the stories.
– Tyler Norris, Kaiser Permanente
PLC Pittsburgh Meeting

Placemaking is essential for addressing key challenges that face our communities in the 21st century: huge population growth in cities and the resulting demands on infrastructure and services; the deep political divides that make productive debate unlikely; and growing income inequality and health disparities. Since its April 2013 inaugural meeting in Detroit, Michigan, the Placemaking Leadership Council maintains its commitment to bringing together community advocates, national and international organizations, city leaders, strategists, and thought leaders in order to build a common agenda for Placemaking.
At the 2nd annual meeting of the PLC in September 2014, members from across the globe convened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for two days of intensive discussion about the challenges and opportunities that have emerged in Placemaking efforts. The goal was to create a comprehensive framework for a Placemaking
movement — to identify key actions that can increase awareness, improve understanding, and help to accomplish mutual objectives. Throughout the meeting, it became more and more clear that Placemaking is indeed a movement.
Click here to read a Summary Report of the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Placemaking Leadership Council.