CDC and CBS Television Stations have joined forces in a TV and digital mini-series to provide crucial information about diabetes . Host Joan Lunden and CDC’s Dr. Ann Albright share insights on prediabetes , risk factors , managing diabetes , preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes, and more. View all 19 videos below, and scroll to the bottom for a wealth of related information.

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What Is Prediabetes? Learn about prediabetes and how you can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes.
Could You Have Prediabetes? Check out how this national campaign uses humor to focus attention on the very serious problem of prediabetes.
Joan’s Personal Story Joan shares the devastating impact of type 2 diabetes on her brother’s life.
What is the National Diabetes Prevention Program? In person or online, participants learn healthy lifestyle changes that work.
Reversing Prediabetes A CDC-recognized lifestyle change program can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Prevent Blindness The leading cause of blindness in working-age Americans? Diabetes. Early treatment can preserve vision.
On the Job with the National Diabetes Prevention Program Healthier, more productive employees: how the National DPP “works at work.”
Diabetes & Smoking Diabetes and smoking are double trouble. Find out the many benefits of being a quitter.
Prediabetes…No One is Excused Who should be screened for prediabetes? Everyone who’s at risk.
Know Your Chronic Kidney Disease Risk A third of people with diabetes also have chronic kidney disease. Why you should get tested if you have any risk factors.
The US Diabetes Epidemic The 3 major diabetes types, impact on the nation, and how to prevent or control type 2 diabetes.
Know the Risk Factors Got any risk factors for type 2 diabetes? Here’s how you can prevent or delay it.
Managing Diabetes Eat well, move more, know your numbers, and see your health care team to stay on track.
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Kids Did you know diabetes can run in families? So can healthy lifestyle habits.
Managing Complications Joan’s guest shares his experience with amputation and other serious diabetes complications.
Diabetes & Your Heart People with diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease, but healthy habits can help lower risk.
Friends, Family & Diabetes Support from family and friends can make diabetes a more manageable part of life.
Sandra’s Success Story Find out how Sandra made the National Diabetes Prevention Program work for her.
Youth & Diabetes Soaring obesity and type 2 diabetes rates in kids. Joan calls on parents to help turn the tide.
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Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention