Prevent Obesity is working with advocates from across the country trying to educate and change the way that junk food is marketed to our kids. We have all the facts and figures, but what drives home the need for healthy change in our communities are real world examples.

That’s why Salud America! has worked to bring you Salud Heroes—an inspirational series of stories from people like you, who are working to identify community needs and to improve health of children all over the country. has a cool, new tool that can easily captures your stories of junk food marketing to kids. Maybe you pass a billboard on your way to dropping your kids at school, or you get something home in your kids backpack with a company logo, or maybe you notice the increased ads in our most at-risk communities. We all have stories but we want to hear yours.

Click here to share your story or upload a photo and help us populate the map with examples from across the country.