Striiv’s vision is to motivate people to move more, and we started with a simple question: “What if?”

What if walking to lunch, taking the stairs, and walking our dogs could feel like playing a game? What if we could create a fun experience that motivates us to get fit, donate to charities, and spend more time with family and friends? At Striiv, we believe that getting in shape should fit around your schedule, and more importantly, it should be fun!

When most of us think about “fitness” today, we think of taking time out of our busy schedules to go to the gym. The reality is, between work and family, we don’t have time anymore.

What we’re doing:

Striiv’s first product, the Striiv Smart Pedometer, is designed to help us spend more time together while getting fit, giving back, and having fun. With every step, Striiv learns your behavior and motivates you to walk a lot more. We believe the best way to motivate you to move is to walk for someone else. That’s why Striiv is the only pedometer that counts every step you take toward a donation to charity. At no cost to you, Striiv and corporate partners donate on your behalf. Just walk, earn, and plug into your PC to donate. It’s that simple.

This is our first step – come join us as we create a movement around movement!

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