America Walks is excited to announce a partnership with the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place Conference “Moving Towards a Healthier World” September 12-15 in Vancouver. America Walks will develop a specialized walking track to continue the conversations critical to building and moving the walking movement forward.

You can be part of this exciting program. Submit your proposal by January 29, 2016. This track will focus on the role walking plays in creating a safe, healthy and equitable America. They are:

  • Step it Up with the Call to Action
  • Vision Zero: A Path to Safer Streets
  • A Million Miles of Sidewalks: Walkable Communities for Everyone
  • Unusual Bedfellows: Creative Projects and Partnerships to Promote Walking
  • Lessons from On the Ground: Examples of Local Projects, Investments and Assessments

As we work towards making sure that every individual has the ability to realize their right to walk, what questions need to be addressed and best practices shared that can help? We are looking for sessions that:

  • Emphasize action-oriented and results-driven programs
  • Promote policies that encourage local leadership and action
  • Share best practices and ways to overcome challenges to help make sure every individual has access to safe, convenient and enjoyable places to walk.

Proposals will be accepted through January 29, 2016. For more information on the track, including full focus area descriptions, please visit America Walks’ website here.