A message from a past VBPC president:

The Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition’s mission is to promote bicycling and walking in Vermont, emphasizing access, safety, and education. We hold this vision, that as a result of our work, public attitudes and policies will create an environment across the state that promotes bicycling and walking as safe and valued modes of transportation and recreation.

Our members believe passionately in the value of human power. They walk and bicycle for fun, for health and fitness, for sport, and to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. As a Coalition, we work with the legislature, the Agency of Transportation, and many other agencies and organizations toward common goals. We promote bicycling and walking facilities in our communities and teach bicycle safety to children. We urge motorists and bicyclists to “Share the Road” for the safety of all. In the ideal world we strive to create, those who wish to walk or bicycle may travel safely from anywhere in Vermont to anywhere else on a network of quiet country roads, shared roadways, bike lanes, wide-shouldered roads, sidewalks, or bike paths.

The Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition is a membership organization. The more bicyclists and walkers on our membership roll, the stronger our voice will be in our town halls and in the halls of the statehouse in Montpelier. Collectively, we can make our byways safer for all. I urge all who ride a bicycle or walk—whether to work or to school, to run errands or for fitness, for transportation or just for fun—to lend your voice in support of the Coalition by joining us today.

For more information go to: https://www.vtbikeped.org/.