Walk For Lunch is a guided 5K fitness program during the lunch hour.

Our mission is to motivate our participants to walk one (1) to three (3) miles at noon, with additional incentives such as lunch discounts, peer-encouragement and prizes.

Walk For Lunch includes a signature branded Walk For Lunch t-shirt, trainer-led group walks for every mile, 5+ walking courses, and all the fun you can have during your lunch hour!

Walkers will walk to a designated check-in location (generally in an office building, park or a downtown square) and have the opportunity to win prizes provided by local and national sponsors. Walkers will train during their lunch hour break and by the completion of the Walk For Lunch, be able to finish a 5K walk.

We are looking for active people to lead our walks! If you live or work in a walkable community and would like to start a Walk For Lunch program, please contact us at[email protected].

For more information about Walk For Lunch go to www.WalkForLunch.com.