Walk Kansas is a team-based health initiative designed to motivate and support participants to live more healthfully by being physically active, making good nutrition choices, and using positive strategies to deal with stress. Kansas State University Research and Extension has provided this program, yearly, in all 105 Kansas counties with average participation of 18,000/year. While most participants are Kansas residents, this program continues to welcome people from other states and countries around the world. Walk Kansas begins in mid-March and continues for 8 weeks.

Walk Kansas teams are composed of co-workers, neighbors, family and friends. If each team member reached the minimum goal for physical activity (150 minutes per week) during the 8 weeks, the team would, collectively, walk 423 miles – the distance across the state of Kansas. Teams can also set group goals to walk the distance across and back, or around the perimeter of the state increasing their individual activity time to 5-6 hours per week. Bonus minutes are granted if participants break prolonged sitting regularly during their day.

Teams report progress at www.walkkansas.org and see how they are progressing across/around the state each week. The map highlights Kansas history and points of interest along the way. Participants log daily minutes of activity and fruits/vegetables consumed. They receive a weekly newsletter and support from team-mates and program coordinators. Kick-off and celebration events are held in communities, along with educational classes, demonstrations and group walks.

Walk Kansas is an evidence-based design and a signature program of Kansas State University Research and Extension (KSRE), a partner in the nation-wide system of land grant universities created in the 1860’s to provide education to all people. KSRE is “making a difference” for people of Kansas and worldwide by working to address five grand challenges: Global Food Systems, Water, Health, Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, and Community Vitality, https://www.ksre.ksu.edu/bookstore/pubs/UNN28.pdf

For more information go to: www.walkkansas.org .