Culver City Walk With A Doc began when Mayor Jeff Cooper asked Pediatrician Jeffrey Penso to start a walk in Culver City. Penso had recently heard of the Walk With A Doc program being sponsored by Los Angeles County Medical Association and he was inspired to bring this program to Culver City.

Ours begins with warm-up and stretching preceding a brief health talk and subsequent walk through the nearby neighborhood. January 2014 was the first in the monthly series.

Walk With A Doc was created by an Ohio cardiologist in 2005 to help people battle conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, which are brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. “You realize that there’s a really easy fix,” said creator Dr. David Sabgir, “All you have to do is walk!” There are currently Walk With A Doc groups in over 100 US locations and others in Canada, Australia, and Russia.

Dr. Penso will speak about headaches, their cause, cure and prevention and lead the walk. Participants have the opportunity to walk side by side with the doctor and are able to talk about health, fitness or life in general.

Source: Culver City Observer
April 17, 2014