Walking can bring so much more than health and fitness to your life. By walking around your community you get to see so many different things and meet so many different people. This is exactly the concept Jonathon Stalls believes.

Jonathon Stalls started the Walk2Connect after walking across the country in 2010,

3,030 miles, with his dog and countless positive connections with people along the way. Walk2Connect is a Denver-based organization that provides walking group opportunities in neighborhoods all over the city, all different times, all week. Jonathon is charismatic and passionate about the organization, but also about the moment, the simple act of walking and seeing life through the lens of a pedestrian and a community member.

To learn more about Walk2Connect checkout their website and Facebook page.

This film was produced, shot and edited by Greg Grano and Sarah Sellman of American Bear Films.

Source: Hooplaha
By Mary Sciglimpaglia