In early March 2015, my travels took me to beautiful Park City, Utah, for the Sports Medicine Winter Summit meeting held at the Canyons Resort. This is a fun meeting I organize that brings together a group of sports medicine experts to talk about issues relevant to active and athletic patients. Not surprisingly, given the venue, there is an emphasis on winter sports and most everyone attending the meeting takes advantage of the great skiing offered at the Canyons Ski Resort. This year was no exception and we were blessed with wonderful snow conditions and clear skies.

This year’s meeting focused on a number of important topics relevant to active and athletic patients. Speakers at this year’s meeting included Drs. Tom Best, Jon Finnoff, Heather Gillespie, Roger Kruse and Gordon Matheson. And the topics ranged from promoting physical activity to caring for musculoskeletal injuries to the effect of the environment on exercise and performance. It was a great conference and the best part was the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some great skiing and sights. The meetings went from 730-930 AM and resumed from 4-6 PM, so that left the middle of the day off for skiing, snowshoeing, hiking or just relaxing.

Lunch with Jon Finoff and Joe Federl

Of course, I took advantage of the great snow and weather to ski every day I was there. I really enjoyed the challenging conditions and the chance to get out on the slopes with good friends. Snow skiing has to be one of the most fun ways to get your daily exercise. When done vigorously, downhill skiing can be a great workout and causes you to use muscle you never knew you had. And during this trip I was able to get in four of the best ski days I have had in a long time.

Thank you for reading this blog and helping to get the word out on the importance of physical activity to health. Walking is the single easiest and best way to get the exercise you need, but snow skiing is a great alternative when you can do it!

Keep walking my friends


Photo Captions:

  1. Skiing in Utah with Gordon Matheson, Jon Finnoff and Roger Kruse.
  2. Lunch with Jon Finnoff and Joe Federl.