In early September 2011 my most recent adventures took me south of the Equator to the beautiful continent of Australia. I was invited to speak at the University of Melbourne about the health benefits of physical activity and got the opportunity to tell students and professors there about Every Body Walk! They were very impressed and loved the videos.

I was invited to help kick off a new medical school curriculum there that will teach students about the health benefits of exercise, such as regular walking, as a standard part of their medical school curriculum. That is something that is sorely needed in the United States.

Melbourne is the capital of Australia’s Victoria state. And it is gorgeous. The city is situated at the southernmost tip of Australia’s east coast. Most visitors, like myself, base themselves in the city center – the buzzing commercial heart of Melbourne – that’s also home to museums, theatres, restaurants, bars and shops. The city’s layout makes Melbourne an easy place to navigate, and almost everything is within walking distance. This time of year is spring there, so the weather was perfect for walking.

Here is a picture of me out walking in the city and another of me walking around the field at the Melbourne Cricket Ground Stadium that holds 95,000 fans! The last shot is of these odd animals we saw everywhere.

I also had an opportunity to attend a key play-off game of the Australian Football League. What a great sport! I am hooked and found it much more exciting and fun to watch than NFL football. They had almost 90,000 fans at the game!

Wherever your travels take you, take the time to explore your surroundings with a 30 minute walk. It’s a simple, healthy way to enjoy your stay. Every Body Walk!