In late November 2011 I was in Moscow to lecture at a joint U.S. — Russia Scientific Forum that was sponsored by the National Institute of Health and the Russian equivalent of the same organization. It brought together various physicians and scientists from both the U.S. and Russia to talk about common health issues. A major focus of the meeting was the explosion of non-communicable diseases being seen around the globe. Today people throughout the world are most likely to die from heart disease or diabetes, rather than infections.

I spoke about the importance of exercise for both the treatment and prevention of various NCDs, along with Dr. Steve Blair from the University of South Carolina. Steve is one of the world’s leading researchers on the health benefits of exercise like walking (see picture). I was able to share information on the Every Body Walk! campaign and website plus the many positive health benefits achieved through walking. The audience was very receptive to the idea of using exercise (specifically walking) as a medicine.

As usual, I took time to get out for several long walks during my visit. Although it was cold, Moscow is a very beautiful city with many great places to walk. Walking is such a great way to explore a new city and sight see.

Keep walking!