Hi folks — here is the latest edition for my walking blog

In early February 2012 I was in Napa to give a talk to the medical staff at Queen of the Valley Medical Center on the health benefits of exercise. They were very interested in hearing about how exercise can be used to replace or augment medication for the prevention and treatment disease. In fact the title of my talk was “Exercise Is Medicine; Realizing the Health Benefits of Exercise”. As a family physician, I see every day how important exercise is to health. My patients who exercise are much less likely to suffer from chronic disease and when they do, it is much less severe. They also look better, feel better and live longer!

Of course I told them about the Every Body Walk! campaign and how walking is the single best thing you can do to improve your health. And it doesn’t take a lot of walking to realize some real benefit. A recent study showed that walking just 15 minutes per day reduced mortality by 14% and added 3 years to life expectancy! We all have to make time for something that is so beneficial to our health.

While I was in Napa, of course I got to drink some great wine. There are just so many varieties to choose from. And I also got the chance to go for some great walks as well. Walking along a wonderful vineyard is almost as fun as drinking the wine, but much more healthy!

Keep walking!